All Services Included Sourcing Package In China
Save Your Time And Cost With Higher Efficiency !

Dear Clients, 

If you have business with China suppliers or partners, we can be your best agent in China.

Sourcing, supply chain management, factory audit, goods inspection, projects follow-up, shipping arrangement, benchmarking & cost down…

There are many agents, but, we are total different one.

We function like your eyes, ears, mouth, hands or legs,  receiving demands from you — the head, and finish all tasks locally.
You just give demands and make decisions, we handle rest like yourself.
Save your much time and costs with our expertise.

With our experiences from different industries’ sourcing, we can provide customized services for you !

Option A

For Running Multiple Projects Every Month


Option B

For Temporary Task In Few Days


Option C

For Direct Purchasing Standard Products

Option D

For Developing Customized Product Project
Negotiate Upon Complexity Of Each Product


We believe we can help you to better control your China business,  to simplify & optimize your operations, to save your much energey, time and costs.

Welcome to send us your demand or inquiry!
(by Email or Online Chat Box is prferable. Tks ! )

Sincerely yours,
Benjamin Wu

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