⌈ King’s Service ⌋
The 1st all-in-1 sourcing & marketing services package in China.

No more extra service charges.

Dear Clients, 

If you have business with China clients or suppliers, we can be your best agent in China.

Sourcing, supply chain management, factory audit, goods inspection, projects follow-up, shipping arrangement, benchmarking & cost down…

But, we are the total different one.

We function like your eyes, ears, mouth, hands or legs,  receiving demands from you — the head, and finish all tasks locally.
You just give demands and make decisions, we handle rest like yourself.
Save your much time and costs with our expertise.

With our experiences from different industries’ sourcing & marketing, we can provide you services as below: 

Sourcing In China

You make decision, we function like yourself locally!
1 Supplier Sourcing
2 Supply Chain Management
3 Benchmarking & Cost Down
4 Factory & Process Audit
5 Quality Control
6 Goods Inspection
7 Production Follow-up
8 Sample Test & Certification
9 Shipping Arrangement
10 Troubleshooting On Site
11 Daily Communication
12 Other services customized

Marketing In China

Professional, quick & active. Cost-effective way of China marketing !
1 Business Investigation
2 Customer Development
3 Customer Maintenance
4 Project Management
5 Sample Test & Certification
6 Brand & Patent Registration
7 Business Trip Arrangement
8 English Interpretation
9 Exhibition Visit & Collect
10 Legal Advice
11 Daily Communication
12 Other services customized

⌈ All Included Charge* ⌋
King’s Service All-in-1 Package Charges


USD1,500 ONLY ! Monthly


USD200 ONLY ! Daily

* All Included Charge : 
It’s an all-included monthly service charge except the inter-city travel costs (flight ticket / train ticket / economic hotel )
But when expenses for buying samples,  applying for certificates from lab, renting truck to ship goods…those charges by 3rd party are out of our service charge, only in that case, clients need to pay the 3rd party directly or via us.
All the rest, for any specific task & handling, for meals & taxis in trip, daily phonecall, work overtime payment…we cover all those daily costs by ourselves. No more extra service charges to clients. 

⌈ Why us ? ⌋

– We are from various industries and related jobs for 5~ 15 years
– We well know: quality system, quality assurance & management, supply chain management, project management, supplier & client development, product development, factory audit, goods inspection, sample test, certification, shipping arragement..
– We own knowledge & experience in :  production, mould & tooling, machines & equipments, electronics products, automobile, chemical products, apparel & textile, lighting, gift & toy…
– Client contact only 1 interface. We assign qualified personel to fulfil each specific task.

– All our operations are under client’s approvals and law / regulations’ allowance
– All our operations are within the limits of NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) & Contract
– We guarantee the authenticity of all informations & results from us
– We implement our social accountability

Principles Assurance
– Customer-Oriented
– Goal-Directed
– Plan-Drived
– Data & Logic-Based
– Action-Achieved
– Responsible / Honourable / Reasonable / Positive & Agressive / Smart & Creative

Fair Price

We believe we can help you to better control your China suppliers & customers,  to simplify & improve your local performances, to save your much energey, time and costs.

Welcome to send us your demand or inquiry!

Sincerely yours,
Wu Wenbin

Wu and his old friends